About Me - DanielShorttPhotography

‘Daniel’s a master at what he does with a great sense of artistic direction.’

Daniel is a Sydney-based commercial and fashion photographer who is known for his utmost professionalism and attention to detail. His body of work has a distinct mood and intensity, ideal for designers who want ambiance and energy in their campaigns. Collaborating with outstanding models and industry artists, his fashion photography is both refined and edgy- just the way he likes it.

Daniel is a keen traveller (and his travel photography just happens to be outstanding) so interstate and international jobs are welcome. Apart from the occasional event photography that takes him to places like France, Croatia and Fiji, Daniel spends most his time between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

In recent years, Daniel’s commercial work has taken him into the martial arts arena, to heart-centred projects like the TAD disability services, and portraiture for Australia’s leading singing school.

Here are some kind words from those who have worked with him.

‘Dan is unbelievably talented and thoughtful in his craft. Working with him has been so effortless. As the years go by he continues to amaze me and surpasses all expectations!’- Jade Testa, model and fashion designer.

‘I’ve worked with Daniel on a few occasions now and each and every time he blows me away with the quality of work he produces. Daniel is a master at what he does with a great sense of artistic direction. His knowledge of light, his camera and photoshop is literally mind boggling. Nothings too hard for him, he challenges himself with each shoot and somehow keeps getting better and better with the end result always being out of this world. Aside from being a complete professional and photography guru he’s such an awesome approachable chap...’ - Netalina Simundza, model.

To contact Daniel, email info@danielshorttphotography.com or call directly on 0422011147.

Thank to Robert Coppa for this shot